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New Insights to Empower Those Working on Intractable Human Challenges

In the past decade, our ability to gain insights into highly complex social dynamics ranging from understanding the dynamics of pandemics, to hunger, to the evolution of violent conflict has made great strides. Leading such efforts have been pioneering academics and practitioners who are able to push the boundaries of understanding through the generation, analysis, and application of data in new ways. The Social Complexity Lab Geneva brings these methods and tools to agencies and companies facing such challenges and helps them chart informed courses of action for higher impact and with reduced risk.

Today, the Lab has released its new website ( and related social media channels on LinkedIn and Twitter. We will use these channels to highlight our capacities and share significant advances and potential applications of complexity analysis in resolving difficult social challenges. With this we hope to reach both the relevant communities of professionals, practitioners, clients but also all others advancing thought and analysis in our field of work.

The partners in the lab together have decades of both practical and research experience tackling complex social issues. Having worked on diverse projects around the world, the Lab aims to bring new insights to our field and value to our clients and collaborators.

Stay tuned, follow us, and get in touch if you would like to talk:


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